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Additional Services

At the Spain Visa Application Centre you can find the below mentioned additional services:

Type of charges Charges
Form Filling Service 75 UAH
One Way courier
You can order the delivery of the passport to the specified address. Delivery price paid at the time of signing the contract and is 100 UAH service charge for Visa Center courier service plus the value of the delivery courier service TMM according to zones.
100 UAH +
Zone 1 - 102 UAH
Zone 2 - 109 UAH
Zone 3 - 117 UAH
Zone 4 - 130 UAH
Zone 5 - 144 UAH
Zone 6 - 286 UAH
SMS Service 40 UAH
Photo Copy 5 UAH Per Page
Printing 10 UAH Per Page
Travel Insurance As per Travel Insurance Policy Procedure
Lounge-Prime Time. This service allows Applicants to apply documents for visa out of the standard time of service (16:00 - 17:00) and without appointment for the day for an additional fee. 600 UAH

Notes: The handling fees can change without prior notice.